CSR Initiatives

Sparking proactive conversations across Asia

IEDEA has extended the concept of CSR from corporate social responsibility to regional social responsibility, where the vision does not just encompass community or country, but Asia as a whole.

Bringing together people of influence, knowledge and authority on platforms that drive regional cooperation and raise the opportunity quotient for Asia is one of IEDEA’s key mandates.

Asia faces multiple issues such as economic development sustainability, population, unemployment and poverty – all formidable issues, especially with the rise of Asia’s youth quotient. The region houses 62.34 per cent of the world’s population – a whopping 4.3 billion of the estimated total of 7.1 billion. During the last century, the region’s population has quadrupled, and Asia is expected to contribute an additional 1 billion to the world’s total population by 2050.

Unemployment rates in the region stand at 5.7 per cent, with Asia contributing to 60 per cent of the increase in unemployment between 2011 and 2013; this number expected to rise further by 2020.

There has been a significant reduction in poverty in many countries of the region, but inequality, malnutrition, deficiencies in the delivery of public services; health, education, infrastructure development and the protection of environment are still pressing concerns.

Much work remains to be done in Asia, and only a heavily focused agenda that aims at unifying the individual powers within the continent can contribute to the growth of the region’s economic prowess, and this work is not just the responsibility of the governments. Non-government organisations, as well, can facilitate meeting grounds and action agendas, which can greatly contribute to restoring balance and effecting positive change. IEDEA has embraced the OneAsia platform as our regional social responsibility program, as it is in line with our vision and mandate of an integrated, unified Asia.

Created by H.E. Thaksin Shinawatra, Former Prime Minister of Thailand, the OneAsia2020 initiative is a call to the Asian region to come together in proactive intent, peace and partnership in a pro-Asia movement, designed to create a unique circle of empowerment.

OneAsia2020 brings alive an important intra-Asia conversation to explore the horizons of ‘Action led by knowledge-based information’, towards a stronger, sustainable Asian future. OneAsia2020 focuses on the creation of a knowledge reservoir that engages both the policymakers and the public to harness the potential for reform in Asia, thus facilitating the region in achieving its full potential as an emerging global powerhouse.

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