Brand Note

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Thank you for visiting us. And welcome to the curtain raiser of our brand refresher. We still remain Indian Expressions Strategy Consultancy, and are still headquartered in the UAE, with our offices in Tiffany Tower, JLT, in the beautiful, golden Emirate of Dubai. We are now a division of IEDEA Holdings Limited, our parent company that holds the rights to our high-end portfolio of intellectual properties, spanning events and publishing projects.

Our new identity of IEDEA stems from our conviction that ideation is at the heart of the important creative work we do in architecting events and publishing projects that are multidimensional, and dovetail seamlessly into our mandate to promote and showcase an integrated Asia. IEDEA will continue to epitomise the trajectory of work accomplished thus far under the name Indian Expressions in driving excellence across the Asian business-scape.

At Indian Expressions, we began our work 18 years ago in the GCC, building a network of enduring and mutually respectful relationships and partnerships that stand strong to this day. We have consistently raised the bar on bringing under the spotlight the importance of developing and promoting intra-Asia relationships to leverage the great economic potential of the Asian Century.

In the early years, our focus remained on promoting the viable and dynamic business corridors of Asia, beginning with one of the giants of South Asia, the republic of India, and the commercial epicentre of West Asia, the GCC states. We led our efforts with the UAE, hosting knowledge forums, award events, leadership summits and congresses that highlighted the growing need for interdependence and regional integration to build economic sustainability and bring empowerment to Asia as a whole. Through our cutting-edge platform and networking facilitations, we have now extended our footprint to Southeast Asia and the ASEAN member states, bringing in leadership in government and policy from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand to participate in the showcases, publishing properties and events. Stay tuned to us in 2014, as we add exciting new Asian constituencies to our portfolio.

IEDEA remains quintessentially Indian Expressions, where we are known for the quality, delivery and exclusivity of our presentations and for our uncompromising commitment to excellence.