Asian Business Leadership Forum™ Series

The ABLF series, IEDEA’s flagship business event IP, is dedicated to the visionary leaders of modern Asia.

The Asian Business Leadership Forum (ABLF) Series is a business leadership event series held annually in the UAE. Since 2007, the Series has brought together on a single platform, powerful influencers and global leaders who are invested in the future of Asia. It promotes the narratives of corporate governance, excellence, innovation and social responsibility, all of which support an organic socio-economic transformation in Asia.

Based in the UAE, the ABLF Series adds both, well-recognised and experienced as well as rising new leadership voices from across the nations of Asia every year, to forge an understanding of financial, social, cultural, and environmental sensibilities. The ABLF has contributed critically to UAE’s intra-Asia business corridors by building a reservoir of authentic Asian leadership to facilitate inspiration and learning through the experiences of Asia’s game changers – the achievers, thinkers, policy architects, and industry veterans. At the heart of the ABLF lies our commitment to the UAE to drive the best leadership talent of Asia to the nation, annually, a fine vanguard that upholds excellence, transparency, accountability, integrity, sustainability, innovation, philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

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The ABLF over the years

Since 2007, the ABLF has hosted high profile events that have promoted business knowledge and learning through 23 dedicated forums and recognised 100 exemplary leaders across Asia. Emerging initially as an awards event in 2007, the forum now reflects the Asian business zeitgeist and has evolved into a platform that supports the Asian knowledge economy. The world is undergoing an exciting transformation at this time with technology-led innovations powering change in the way we do business, in refreshing attitudes and mindsets, in optimising capacity, in nurturing capability and in encouraging development. The ABLF faithfully chronicles these changes through the lives, actions, investments and achievements of Asia’s best business leaders.

In 2016, the ABLF received the official association of the UAE Federal Government through the Ministry of Economy. With the equity of great Alumni and great leaders who are connected to both the UAE and to Asia, the ABLF aims to further engage Asia’s business game changers with the nation’s ambitious plans for the next decade.

Stay tuned to for highlights on the ABLF 2017 and the upcoming edition.

ABLF Series 2015 Highlights

Our Royal Patron - H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan

The ABLF is a great success story. And behind every success story, there is visionary energy that drives it. The ABLF has the greatest honour of the energy, support, and encouragement of a leader, whose intellectual might, humility and kindness have earned him the respect of the world.

One of the UAE’s most respected leaders and a great friend of the Asian community, H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan, Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance, UAE, is a strong proponent of nurturing a knowledge economy and promoting premium economic and business collaborations.

His Highness’ pioneering work in strengthening the UAE’s relationships with the world is legendary, as is his input into creating sustainable infrastructure for education and developmental studies, and facilitating greater interactions between knowledge centres to promote learning. His aim is to foster innovation and set the stage for more entrepreneurial talent to grow, thus empowering Asia’s future.

We honour this great UAE leader and the Royal Patron of the ABLF.

The ABLF Series pays tribute to its Royal Patron, H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan

The ABLF Series pays tribute to its Royal Patron, H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan