PR & Outreach Consultancy

Custom-built and innovative platforms

IEDEA’s innovative programmes, platforms and channels build sustainable regional and global businesses. IEDEA’s services across PR, Strategy and Marketing Communications are as innovative as they are reliable. We are well-versed with the market dynamics of the Asian region along with the cultural nuances and sensitivities, including the protocol for ethical business practices. While we have the knowledge of direct market insights, we also make accessible, the relevant networks to penetrate these markets.

Over decades of our successful innings, we are widely regarded as the first choice for communication audits, stakeholder awareness campaigns, crisis management, sponsorship marketing and fund-raising consultancy, global community programmes and our humanitarian outreach advisory.

Through our global network of high-profile business houses and future-focused leaders across governments and private sector, we link like-minded businesses and promote collaborative ventures, bringing mature and stable connectivity to all our client relationships. Our business match-making capabilities and expertise rest in managing client profiles that have businesses that are global and have a robust Asia-centric orientation.

From designing cameo work summits to cover page features in international and regional media, our personalised and custom–built PR solutions ensure that our clients engage with us as an extension of their organisation.

If you would like to send us a RFP, kindly send us an email and we will connect with you as soon as possible to arrange for a presentation in our offices.